About Nidhi Tewari, LCSW

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Hi there!  My name is Nidhi Tewari and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) located in Richmond’s West End with specialized training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  I am currently pursuing EMDR certification, which is an advanced level of EMDR training.

I believe that embracing your true, authentic self is the product of healing the wounds and traumas of the past.  Anxiety and trauma present themselves as memories that intrude while at school or work, negative thoughts towards yourself or others, nightmares that recur, stomach aches and headaches, and the feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and sadness.  Anxiety and trauma symptoms can feel inescapable, and it can feel as though you are in quick sand, sinking deeper each day. 

As the mind and body heal through therapy, the paths towards new ways of living and thinking are paved.  I believe that you have the ability to heal within yourself, and that with my specialized training in EMDR and my compassionate, non-judgmental, humorous demeanor, I am able to serve as the guide to unlocking that healing potential. 

My Experience and Training

I went to Virginia Commonwealth University for my Master in Social Work (MSW) degree, and have dedicated my career and life to helping children, adolescents, and adults who are survivors of trauma and those who struggle with anxiety.  I am currently working towards my certification in EMDR, which is the next level of training and specialization in this intervention.   

I am also a field instructor for the VCU School of Social Work, and love providing supervision and guidance to undergraduate and masters level social work students.  In addition, I provide trainings to local community service boards regarding trauma informed care and interventions, and look forward to becoming an EMDR consultant and trainer in the future. 

I have worked as a therapist in several settings, including hospitals, community service boards, schools, and in private practice. 


My Own Authentic Life

I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from George Mason University, and I received a full scholarship for my undergraduate studies as a University Scholar.  I took a break from school for a year and worked with children and adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and I served as a personal caregiver for individuals with disabilities.  These experiences sparked my passion for helping others and led to my pursuit of an MSW degree. 

I am a lover of music of all types, have played the drums for over 10 years, and have sang for even longer.   I have rocked the stage many times alongside my husband, and I love embracing my creative and artsy side. 

My laid-back nature creates a space for you to come as you are, and I am the type of therapist who will drop the occasional curse word with adults I am working with when the time feels right-- my office is a non-judgmental space for both of us to be authentic. 

As a foodie and locavore, I love Richmond and see this beautiful city on the river as the place my soul feels happiest.  I love the energy of the people here, and the acceptance of all who live here. I am an LGBTQ+ ally, and pride myself in accepting people from all walks of life.

My husband and I are avid travelers, and we have loved hiking in the Rocky Mountains, Smoky Mountains, and Blue Ridge Mountains. We look forward to seeing the rest of the USA and traveling the world!