You’ve been arguing with your child for months, and this last argument was the worst.  You asked your child to do something simple, like clean up their room or load the dishwasher, and they screamed at you like you were the worst person on the planet. Every day, your child’s reactions are getting more and more intense, and you don’t know how to help them. You’re noticing something is different with them, and you’re not the only one.

They weren’t always like this, and it seems that after an upsetting experience, be it divorce, bullying, sudden loss, or abuse, they are anxious, angry, and sad all the time.  They shut down, tune into their phone, and tune you out.  You used to have a good, open relationship with them, and now it feels like you are strangers under the same roof. 

I use EMDR therapy to help children and teens to find their courage to speak their truth. I teach them tools to express themselves effectively, and they will learn how to live life in a healthy way. Trauma, anxiety, conflict, and stress impact the child and the family, so I give families the skills to cope, communicate, and connect with one another.  You can heal from this, and your lives don’t have to be defined by this.

If you want to avoid the path where you and your child continue drifting apart, contact me today at (804) 203-0424 to get help now.