How Do I Schedule a Consultation?

Please call me at (804) 203-0424, click here to complete the contact form, or email me at Your initial consultation is your opportunity to ask questions about EMDR therapy, or about therapy in general, and you are welcome to discuss other questions or concerns you may have. I will be asking you basic questions about what you’re wanting to see improve in your life, so that I can ensure that I am the best fit for you.

I am committed to providing the best quality therapy possible, so we will be gauging whether I am the best fit for your needs during the first few sessions. If we determine that another provider is better suited to meet your needs, I will assist in providing referrals.

What Can I Expect in My First Session?

You can expect warm smiles, laughter, and a laid back approach in your first session and in subsequent sessions. I use the first session to better understand your areas of strength and areas for growth, and we work together in setting goals that make sense to you. Some of my favorite questions to ask include “What brings you in?” and “What can I do to best support you?”, and it is okay if you are not 100% sure of what you would like to achieve prior to coming in. By the end of the first session, we will talk and have a better idea of areas you would like to see improvement.

Do You Take Insurance?

I am not considered an in-network provider for most insurance plans, but I can provide you with a monthly billing statement that you can give to your insurance company for some percentage of reimbursement. Also, you can often use your Flex Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover out-of-network costs, so please call your insurance company to determine how they handle out-of-network providers.

The fee for service is $120 per 50 minute initial session/diagnostic evaluation.

The fee for service is $110 per 50 minute individual therapy session.

The fee for service is $130 per 50 minute conjoint (marital /family) therapy session.

The fee for service is $ 50 per person, per 60 minute group therapy session.

The fee for service is $ 75 per person, per 90 minute group therapy session.

Credit cards, checks, or cash are accepted. Payment is due at or before the time that services are rendered.

48 hours notice is required for cancellation, otherwise you will be charged the full session fee.